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Level up your child’s English with our teacher-approved program of activities.

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A black mother enjoying Fluentkids on a tablet with her daughter

Activate your child's English

Nurture your kid's love for the English language.

  • Explore multiple learning topics.
  • Practice listening and reading.
  • Take their first steps in ABC writing.

Made for early learners

Great for children aged 2 to 6

  • Educational content made for children
  • Kid-friendly navigation
  • Learning designed to be easy and fun!
A white girl happy using a tablet with fluenkids
A smartphone displaying a Fluent Kids educational activity

Play. Create. Learn

Playful natural learning app

  • Teacher-approved Activities
  • Creative, easy and fun!
  • Earn rewards as kids progress in learning

Safe for Children

Kid-friendly app made for them

  • 100% Ad-free
  • 100% Educational Screen Time
  • Privacy first design
A child with a helmet, busy  and having fun with toys, cats and sparkles!
An asian boy shows his learning progress on a tablet

Try our app today and use it free forever!

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Adaptive Learning

An app that adapts to your children

  • Personalized learning journey
  • Difficulty adapted to their progress
  • Dynamic focus to balance their progress
A kid learning on his own way
A father with his son learning together with Fluentkids!

Learn together, anywhere

Become part of your child’s learning journey

  • Play together using a single device.
  • Learn on tablets and smartphones, even when offline.
  • Start learning on one device and continue on your other device.